Offer for owners of farms in the Greater Poland Voivodeship

Contract your crops with the Top Farms Group and earn money!

Top Farms Group has over 25 years of experience in agriculture. We are one of the largest and best-managed agricultural enterprises in Poland and co-create one of the largest groups of agricultural producers in Europe.

In our business model, we not only use the lease of agricultural land for cultivation and purchase of agricultural produce at our points, but also cooperate with external agricultural producers as part of crop contracting.

We invite everyone interested in contracting their crops to cooperate with us.

Grow with us in the vicinity of Kościan , Gostyń , Książ Wielkopolski and Kórnik :

  • rape
  • wheat
  • triticale
  • potatoes

or set up and run a seed plantation with us.

Why is it worth working with us?

We offer:

  • reliability, responsibility and stability of cooperation
  • a secure contract with a purchase price above the local market
  • year-round purchase of agricultural produce
  • agronomic knowledge and many years of experience in the agricultural industry using modern technologies, ready to support your production by increasing its profitability and efficiency
  • specialized machinery services

Additional support offer:

  • the opportunity to test the soil in our FarmTech laboratory as well as advice and planning of fertilizer application
  • support in introducing regenerative farming practices that have been carried out on Top Farms Group farms for years

If you expect certain profits from your cultivation, you do not have your own warehouses and you want to sell your crops, call or write today and learn the details of our offer.


+48 735 206 548

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Download the leaflet here.