Symbiotic model

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What is the SYMBIOTIC model?

This is a model of agri-food production developed over 25 years of Top Farms' operations, in which synergies are created between agricultural market entities - a leading agricultural enterprise and family farms. When entering into cooperation in the field of plant production - growing cereals, vegetables or other plants, a farmer uses the resources of the leading farm to increase his profitability and production efficiency. Through access to know-how, technology, machine services and the sales market of a leading company, it can optimize production costs and increase its income.

In short, cooperation between leading, large farms and partner, family businesses is, above all, good business that brings a number of benefits to both parties.


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In economic terms,

the leading farm - the Top Farms Group, contracts specific agricultural produce on the partner farm, supplies means of production, the settlement of which takes place after the harvest, guarantees purchase prices and the certainty of the commercial transaction, ensures the receipt and storage of agricultural produce, etc. In turn, the partner farm supplies agricultural produce, provides selected services to the leading farm.

In the technological dimension,

the leading farm provides access to specialized plant varieties and advises on agronomic issues, supports the implementation of biologization - methods that increase soil fertility based on good agricultural practices and the foundations of regenerative agriculture, and, depending on needs, provides specialized services using the most modern equipment.

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In the social sphere,

the leading farm works for the development of local residents, including partner farms. Thanks to its biological activities, Top Farms improves the quality of life of local residents and the natural environment, for example by building water reservoirs which, in addition to their retention and recreational functions, are a habitat for many animal species.

We invite agricultural producers to cooperate, which generates SYNERGIC benefits

and creates development opportunities alongside a strong business partner.