Press releases | 25.08.2023
Today we celebrate Polish Food Day
Since 2013, we have been celebrating Polish Food Day throughout the country on August 25. This unique holiday was established on the initiative of the National Promotional Program "Appreciate Polish". Its aim is to focus attention on domestic food products and their producers.

The end of August is the moment when the stalls and store shelves are full of Polish fruits and vegetables. This is also the period when farmers celebrate the harvest festival and enjoy the harvest. It is also a great time to buy traditional products from local producers.

Every day, we often do not realize how many delicious and health-beneficial products are produced in our country. It is the quality and taste that are the significant advantages of Polish products. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that these are not the only advantages.

In fact, we as consumers, through our choices, have the power to support good Polish food, thus contributing to shaping a patriotic attitude in the context of shopping and relationships with the local environment. Our consumer decisions also play an undeniable role in supporting domestic agriculture and the economy - which is especially important nowadays.

The Top Farms Group has been supplying raw materials for the Polish agri-food industry for over 25 years. Not only cereals, oil plants, potatoes and sugar beets, but also milk. We also produce delicious juices under the SOGO brand , from fruit grown in our orchard in Głuchów with an integrated production certificate. We carry out plant production on fields cultivated regeneratively. Soil cultivated in accordance with the principles of regenerative agriculture allows us to increase yields and significantly improve their quality, which directly translates into an increase in the quality of food produced from these raw materials.

We are proud of the fact that by focusing on regenerative agriculture, we contribute not only to increasing biodiversity and soil fertility in our country, but also to increasing the quality of Polish food products made from the raw materials we produce.