Technology zone

#7 Soil testing with the Veris U3 scanner
It's time for a new episode of the Technology Zone. In episode #7, our expert team tested new possibilities for soil testing in the Głubczyce area. The main role is played by the Veris U3 scanner from Agrotechnology Piotr Mazur, which allows for:
#6 MooMonitor+ (animal health monitoring)
In episode #6 of the Technology Zone you will get to know the MooMonitor+ system and learn:
#5 Lely Juno 100 (automatic feed pusher)
Episode #5 of the Technology Zone was devoted to the #Lely Juno 100 automatic robot!
#4 Agrifac Condor Endurance II (sprayer).
In episode #4 of the series, we checked the capabilities of the Agrifac Condor Endurance II self-propelled sprayer.
#3 TERRABIO (mobile genetic analyzer).
In episode #3, we tested the prototype mobile genetic analyzer TERRABIO and compared the results obtained with a classic laboratory test.
#2 Husarya SCS-100 (stone collecting machine)
In episode #2 we present a comparative test of stone harvesting machines. We checked how the Husarya SCS-100 performs vs. existing technology. The aim of the test was to compare the efficiency and quality of stone cleaning and the degree of soil sifting.