Press releases | 25.05.2024
Second International Regenerative Agriculture Forum
On June 13, 2024, the second edition of the BIO_REACTION International Regenerative Agriculture Forum will be held on the Jagrol farm in Pierzchno near Kórnik. The BIO_REACTION forum is an extraordinary event during which practitioners, scientists and industry representatives will...
Press releases | 04.03.2024
Puls Biznesu - Business Gazelles 2023
We are pleased to announce that Top Farms Głubczyce has been included in the prestigious group of Business Gazelles 2023, which confirms its status as one of the most dynamically developing Polish enterprises in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)...
Press releases | 29.01.2024
The Top Farms Group has started implementing a partnership project titled: "Carbon farming in the era of climate change", which received funding under the 2023 Competition Round 1 KA210-VET - Small-scale partnerships in the vocational education and training sector Erasmus+...
Press releases | 31.08.2023
Revolution on milk farms
In the penultimate issue of the weekly Gazeta Średzka, No. 34/1454 of August 24, 2023, there was an article titled "Revolution on milk farms", which we strongly encourage you to read. This article presents how our company Jagrol located in...
Press releases | 28.08.2023
Top Farms Nasiona - winter cereal catalog 2023
Winter cereal seed guide 2023 Top Farms Seeds available for download in electronic version!
Press releases | 25.08.2023
Today we celebrate Polish Food Day
Since 2013, we have been celebrating Polish Food Day throughout the country on August 25. This unique holiday was established on the initiative of the National Promotional Program "Appreciate Polish". Its aim is to focus attention on domestic food products and their producers.