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#2 Husarya SCS-100 (stone collecting machine)
In episode #2 we present a comparative test of stone harvesting machines. We checked how the Husarya SCS-100 performs vs. existing technology. The aim of the test was to compare the efficiency and quality of stone cleaning and the degree of soil sifting.

Husarya SCS-100 is the first machine produced by Usarya Polska. The innovative Husarya SCS-100 stone collection machine reaches stones up to 30 cm below the surface at a working width of 5.5 m.


It is equipped with: 

  • double rotor system ensuring high precision in collecting stones from 2.5 to 50 cm in diameter, 
  • chain system for transporting stones to the cleaning plant, 
  • drum system ensuring high accuracy of cleaning the collected stones, 
  • tank with a capacity of 6 t enabling unloading at a height of 3.5 m



Husarya SCS-100  is characterized by twice the work efficiency (20 ha/24 h), has a tank with a very large capacity of 6t and can work at higher soil moisture. Fuel consumption does not exceed 20 liters per hour. Despite slightly lower harvesting accuracy,  it compacts the soil less, cleans stones from the earth and requires less human labor.  Husarya offers economic benefits - cleaned stones gain commercial value and environmental benefits - it exerts less pressure on the soil.