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#4 Agrifac Condor Endurance II (sprayer).
In episode #4 of the series, we checked the capabilities of the Agrifac Condor Endurance II self-propelled sprayer.

The sprayer from the Dutch brand Agrifac is designed for larger areas of land. It has a tank with a capacity of 8,000. liters and a 36 m wide beam divided into 144 controllable working sections. This is the second generation of the Condor Endurance model equipped with additional systems: 

  • Strict Spray Plus (SSP), which allows each nozzle to be closed and opened individually - to prevent overlaps and overdosing as much as possible and compensates for twists, ensuring 100% spray coverage in every place - on the outside of the turn, the nozzles spray further than on the inside,
  • Dynamic Dose Plus (DDP), which allows you to adjust the appropriate dose of the agent for each nozzle in real time depending on the needs of a single plant.

The sprayer test was carried out on a soybean farm with an area of ​​100 ha. In the case of conventional spraying, it was necessary to spray the entire field - 100 ha. The second spraying was performed manually, i.e. during a visual assessment of where the fire was, the operator turned on the spraying - the spraying area was reduced to 20 ha.  

However, in the third case, in order to identify the outbreaks of war, we performed a professional drone raid and created an application map on which the places requiring intervention were marked. 


The use of the Top Farms mapping algorithm and a sprayer equipped with SSP and DDP systems allowed for precise spraying only where necessary, minimizing the consumption of plant protection products and reducing costs by as much as 98% - the spraying was performed on an area of ​​2 ha.   

The Agrifac Condor Endurance II sprayer allows you to significantly reduce the amount and costs of spraying, which additionally contributes to improving the environment and fits perfectly into the principles of sustainable and precise agriculture.